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Come, Scrap, Bitch!

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Why scrapbitches ?

Well I used to go to these scrapbooking parties where all everyone did was bitch and complain and GOSSIP about everyone else (I live in a small town). I was so annoyed with these women that I dubbed them the "scrapbitches" when I complained about them on LJ. So the term stuck, as my LJ friends were quite amused by it. I no longer attend those parties, but I still like my wordage so scrapbitches was born.

Who can join scrapbitches?

Anyone who wants to! You don't have to scrapbook or be a bitch! It's a plce to share ideas and artwork ( not just scrapbook pages) . It's also a forum to get help or inspiration for any art form. Feel free to post your work or comment on someone elses. Constructive criticism is okay, but despite our name don't be bitchy about it!

Also feel free to post pictures of scrapbooking products or scrapbooking rooms, or even cool scrapbooking websites!